About the Project

The Village of Scotia is seeking to improve the pedestrian, bicycle, and transit experience in the Village’s Central Business District along Mohawk Avenue (NYS Route 5). This corridor currently serves as an important commuter and freight connection through the Village. Mohawk Avenue provides connections to NYS Route 50 (Ballston Ave) and NYS Route 147 (Sacandaga Road), which carry traffic from outlying communities through Scotia and over the Mohawk River via the Western Gateway Bridge. The Village wishes to preserve the quick and efficient movement of commuters and freight through the village while enhancing the safety, accessibility, and enjoyment of the area for pedestrians, bicyclists and public transportation users.


Mohawk Avenue is “Main Street” Scotia, with several restaurants and retail storefronts. Mohawk Avenue also serves as a connection from the Central Business District to Collins Park, one of the largest and most heavily used parks in Schenectady County. In addition, the Village wishes to improve connections to this important corridor from throughout the Village.


Using a ‘Complete Streets’ approach to improving access to these destinations for all travelers is to be a key focus of this planning effort.

Complete streets design is defined as roadway design features that accommodate and facilitate convenient access and mobility by all users, including current and projected users, particularly pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, and individuals of all ages and abilities.

The study is guided by committee of community representatives, Village of Scotia, and CDTC.  MJ Engineering and Land Surveying is facilitating the effort.

Mohawk Ave Spring 2019.jpg